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Head to Toe Look From – http://freepeople.com

I have this obsession with loose fitting soft pants, incase you haven’t noticed by my constant outfits that include diaper style harem pants and boyfriend jeans. I suppose you could assume that I just like pants I can move around in, and also eat a lot in. Make some additions to your closet this Summer by buying soft pants…and then test them out by eating all of the mexican food you can get your hands on.

Not that into the ones I’m wearing? Below are some other options for my party pant loving friends!



Photos Taken By Vinny Henderson


MC Hammer Fly


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Harem Pants & Tank – Free People, Sandals – Dolce Vita

Bad hair days and a nasty peeling forehead won’t stop me from taking photos in my favorite harem pants from Free People. Now I know what you’re thinking, those look like you might have a diaper on under them, well I can assure you that I don’t. What I can promise you is that they are the most comfortable pants on EARTH…and they make me want to dance like it’s 1982.

If that doesn’t convince you then you should head to your local Free People, try them on, and then become MC Hammer Fly.



Photos By Vinny Henderson


Crochet Every Day

IMG_8549 IMG_8557 IMG_8563 IMG_8571 IMG_8586 IMG_8589

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Free People Crochet Tunic,Ash Booties (old),Necklace from Headdress Austin

Recently I have gained some weight, I am not ashamed to admit it, I’m getting pudgy in all the wrong places. Now that that is off of my chest I can explain my recent wardrobe choices, loose but still showing a little bit of skin. This crochet tunic from Free People has become one of my favorite pieces because it can be worn in so many ways, and it is still an A+ at hiding my recent chub! I have always been very casual about my body and weight, it is what it is has kind of become my motto, but that doesn’t mean I have to buy a whole new wardrobe! So now that I am embarking on a health and fitness journey to drop a few pounds, you will be seeing me in a lot of looks like this one. Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram to see more of my daily adventures CLICK HERE!



Photos Taken By // Vinny Henderson (Check Out His Instagram)


Fat Day // Fashion Find








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Free People Breezy Tunic, Vanessa Mooney for Dolce Vita Sandals, Vintage Necklace & Vintage Gucci Bag

The person who said fat days were for extra baggy tees and nike shorts, was seriously higher than a kite! In my years of being a stylist and a regular fat day participant, I have learned 2 things : The first is that if you are having a fat day it just means you ate way too much queso the night before, it is not some form of torture the world has bestowed among women. The second is that the wardrobe choices women make on these fat days are typically horrible.

There are a million excuses and reasons for our fat day attire … nothing fits, tight clothes make us self conscious, work out clothes are the only ones not digging into us, THE EXCUSES NEED TO END NOW! This tunic from Free People has sort of become my best friend, not only is it loose and flowy but it is short enough to distract from the queso tummy! Not to mention it is a steal at only $68 and it comes in 4 colors…SEE YA LATER FAT DAYS!

Stay Happy


All Photos Taken By: Vinny Henderson (Check Out His Instagram Here)


Explore // Wander

Cave1 cave2 cave3 cave5 cave6 cave7 cave8cave9

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Free People PulloverFree People Long Beach TankUrban Renewal Cut Offs

Old Michael Kors Wedges, Vintage Gucci Crossbody

“Guess I’ve got that old trav’lin’ bone, – cause this feeling won’t leave me alone. – But I won’t, won’t be losing my way, no, no – Long as I can see the light…” – Creedence Clearwater Revival

Stay Exploring

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Photography // Vinny Henderson


Cemeteries Are Chic

IMG_7689 IMG_7691 IMG_7695 IMG_7699 IMG_7703 IMG_7709 IMG_7711 IMG_7713

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Free People Tie Dyed CropZara SkortClassic White VansUrban Outfitters Sunnies, Vintage Gucci Bag

Well hello again, I apologize for my absence recently…I’ve been pretty busy. Aside from my usual work life, I took a little trip with Vinny to New Orleans, it was magical. I had never been to New Orleans before which is surprising considering how close it is and how mysterious the city claims to be (I love all things mystery). So naturally I set out on a field trip to the St.Louis Cemetery, yes the one where the VooDoo Queen Marie Laveau is buried. And one more not so surprising thing happened, we took blog photos in the middle of the cemetery. The truth is that I find nothing scary about places like this, they amaze me and hold my interest longer than most things in this world. There are a million reasons to visit New Orleans, but the stories and ghosts that haunt the city are really what got me. If you are in Texas I suggest taking the 8 hour road trip (from San Antonio/Austin) across the Bayous and stay a weekend wandering the streets of New Orleans…it’s worth it.

“The ghosts race towards the light, you can almost hear the heavy breathing spirits, all determined to get somewhere. New Orleans, unlike a lot of those places you go back to and that don’t have the magic anymore, still has got it.” – Bob Dylan

Stay Creepy

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Photos Taken By // Vinny Henderson (Check His Instagram)


My City//Feeling Touristy





20140312-101422.jpgPhotos Taken By// Vinny Henderson (Instagram)

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Jeans// 7forallmankindBandana Tee// Free PeopleLoafers// Madewell, Bag//Vintage Gucci

I spent most of my young life avoiding coming back to San Antonio, growing up it wasn’t cool or interesting in my eyes. It wasn’t until I moved back to San Antonio from Austin a little over a year ago that I realized…holy shit San Antonio is actually pretty great. Like all cities San Antonio has its negatives, but there plenty of hidden treasures that we are lucky to have. I have always felt very connected to downtown San Antonio, before it got cool and hip, before Southtown became a thing, and before the city made some awesome changes to it, I have always had a love affair with our cities center. Yesterday I met with Vinny for some pizza from Willy B’s right across from the San Fernando Cathedral. The pizza was kick ass and in the perfect location for some exploring. The San Fernando Cathedral is the oldest still functioning religious community in Texas (built 1731), it is still one of the most beautiful buildings. Just walking around and seeing things I did not know were there, like the locks along the San Antonio River gates (how very Parisian)!

In order to really wrap this post up I am going to give my readers a small piece of advice, get to know the city you came from. You never know what you’re missing out on.

Stay Local

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