Get Your Groove Back//And Other Insights For Being 25





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I have recently been going through what some might say is a quarter life crisis…I know it sounds pathetic. My days typically start by examining my skin and its random problems, then I stand in front of my HUGE mirror and examine my body and its problems, and then I change clothes 4 times before I just get too tired to change for a 5th time, sound familiar? Then comes the tough stuff, figuring out what the hell I am going to do in this world. But this post is not about my inner thoughts and problems, it’s about what is on the outside…because yes it does count.¬†

Skin – We are long past the days of teenage acne and bad fake tanners…enter the wrinkles and uneven skin tones. What is the fix you ask? THERE IS NO FIX BEFORE SEEING A DERMATOLOGIST! Trust me I have spent thousands on fix its and cures to these random yet frustrating problems, and I finally made the decision to just see a damn doctor. Stay tuned…

Body – **NEWS FLASH** THE ONLY WAY TO GET THE BODY YOU WANT IS TO CUT BACK ON FATTENING FOODS AND EXERCISE REGULARLY. Now I know that is mind blowing for everyone but it is the only way to drop those love handles and smooth out your thass (where your thigh meets your ass). With that news I have started cutting back on fast foods and eating late (my vices), and slowly but surely exercising will be incorporated into my daily schedule. We’ll see out this innovative method pans out.

The Getting Ready Routine¬†– Now this is much more personal and the things I do might not work for you, so feel free to tune out for a second. When it comes to my hair, I am known for being lazy, I would be screwed without dry shampoo and a good deep conditioning mask (I use Aveda). But now that I am getting older I am realizing that I feel much better about myself when I actually do my hair, yes like with a curling iron and a blow dryer, give it a try! Now, when it comes to makeup I don’t wear much, it’s just not my style to cake it on. SO that being said you can just send over your own makeup tips and tricks, seriously I need them!

Wardrobe – As I mentioned earlier in this post I have a tendency to change a million times before finding the right outfit for the day, I am realizing that this is actually a damaging habit. Basically I am telling myself that I don’t look good enough for the day in an outfit that I purchased with my own money…I picked that damn outfit out and now it doesn’t look good enough?! My new goal is to wear the first thing I put on, because like your mom always said “your first guess is probably the right one.”¬†

And there you have it, my insight into what goes into the outside of every 20 something year old woman out there. If it seems like instead of sharing top beauty tips and tricks I simply just shared my own personal changes I am making, it’s because that is exactly what I did. Making changes is a personal thing and varies for every person, our biggest mistake is taking advice from other people instead of using our own judgement about what our body needs and wants. Be the change in your life!

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All Photos Taken By Vinny Henderson

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