Poshparty re-cap!

This past Saturday night I had the privilege of co-hosting a Posh party with Indiana from AdoreAustin and the lovely ladies from Poshmark. Incase you don’t know what Poshmark is, it is an app for your phone that allows you to sell and buy awesome fashion pieces. It is extremely simple and addicting so i recommend everyone sign up and start buying, or selling! Here are some of the photos (courtesy of Poshmark) from the event at Etcetera Etc.


Check out Poshmark on Twitter: @poshmarkapp or just DOWNLOAD the app now!

Line to Love: Margot Wolf

Margot is one of those women that you just want to be friends with, she is effortless, cool, and is so talented its sick. When I first met her I fell in love with her designs and bought a necklace that has remained one of my go to pieces. It is no surprise that when I met her at her studio for a quick visit that I found more things I want (NEED)…the wolf ring is my 2012 jewelry must have! Margot’s pieces take time, they are not done in a couple of hours, they are made with attention and a little bit of Wolf in each design. If I have any effect over any of my readers shopping I hope that I influence you to buy something from Margot Wolf. Whether you like the simple stack rings or the scorpion necklace there is a piece that I am certain speaks to you. The edgy cool chick in all of us will wear a Margot Wolf design with confidence because we know it was made from the queen of edgy cool herself…take a look at Margot Wolf:


Happy Shopping!

Sometimes it blows my mind how expensive some of my favorite handbags cost, especially since I change bags all of the time! I chose one of my go to bags, the marc jacobs mini quilted bag and then broke down how many other bags I could have for the $700 price tag. After looking at these 8 pieces of arm candy that total $691 I nearly fainted..I am really loving the Cambridge Satchel from ASOS!
Happy Shopping!
line to love


Austin based jewelry designer Shira Wasserman has created a line that is affordable and fashion forward. Shira Melody is a collection that consists of basic baubles and amazing statement pieces. One thing that I really love about Shira Melody is the use of black and white, it pops when worn with any outfit. What is really great about the collection is that it is made for a layering girl, you can pair several necklaces or bracelets together to complete your look. Everyone knows that accessories are a girls best friend and Shira Melody has offered women many options for every style personality. She combines metal chains, semi-precious stones and genuine leathers to create the perfect cherry to top any style cake! My favorite piece is the Stella Necklace in gold..swoon worthy!
Check out all of Shira Melody’s pieces at http://shiramelodyjewelry.com
Happy Shopping!

Hue Wonderful



historic hues



Some of my favorite hues are those that are rich with history and full of vibrant details. Combining colors such as oranges and yellows with neutrals like grey and beige is the perfect way to stand out and look fashion forward. I understand that not everyone wants to wear a bright yellow jacket or red pants but even adding the slightest touch of these hues will make any outfit transform. The Kendra Scott jewelry I have selected is screaming with rich tones that will complete any look, I especially love the green Sarah cuff! Don’t be afraid to go outside of your comfort zone when buying these colors, they look good on almost anyone when worn correctly. So go out and add a little spice to your life!
Happy Shopping!